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Geography ... The Indian National Congress Party has controlled the national government for most of India's independent ... Hindi (180 million speakers) is the national language and primary tongue; English is an associate language but very  ... http://www.gwu.edu/~rpsol/cultural_orientations/216f06_India_Project_slides.ppt File Type:PPT

Indian Agriculture - dacnet

About 43% of India's geographical area is used for agricultural activity. Agriculture continues to play a major role in Indian Economy. Indian Agriculture. Indian ... http://dacnet.nic.in/dacnet-workshop-pre-f.ppt File Type:PPT

Team 7 presentation -- Gujarat

Gujaratis live in Gujarat, one of the western states in India. The name ... Geography. The State has a ... Many Gujaratis can also understand and speak Hindi. http://www.unc.edu/~nielsen/soci111/m18/soci111m18gujarats07.ppt File Type:PPT

Chapter 1 - What is Geography and Why Should We Care?

Tensions with India. Jammu and Kashmir; Joint nuclear ambitions. Post-9/11/ 2001 relationship with US in al Qaeda fight. World Regional Geography, Tenth ... http://employee.heartland.edu/rdenniso/powerpointsgeog101/GEOGunit3chapter9southasiaindia.ppt File Type:PPT

Asian Migration and Linguistic Presence - University of the West Indies

The West Indian planters pressed for liberal immigration policies to solve their .... all labourers were Hindi speakers they actually spoke geographical varieties ... http://www.mona.uwi.edu/dllp/courses/l26b/documents/AsianMigrationandLinguisticPresencePts1and%25202.ppt File Type:PPT

Research and the Internet - Delhi University Library System ...

Launched in 2006, Open J-Gate is the contribution of Informatics (India) Ltd to promote OAI. .... Indian Literature: Hindi ... Subject Specific Resources: Geography. http://crl.du.ac.in/Publication/E-Resources%2520in%2520Public%2520Domain-Final/Use%2520of%2520E-Resources%2520in%2520Teaching%2520and%2520Research.ppt File Type:PPT

Civil Services - Careervarsity.com

Covers the following Areas: Indian History 25 -30 marks. General Science 20 -30 marks. Geography 15 -20 marks. Indian Economics 10 -20 marks. Indian Polity ... http://www.careervarsity.com/careertools/civilservices.ppt File Type:PPT

Download File - Leaving Certificate Geography

Usually will have negative aspects to its physical geography eg drought, boggy soils .... Languages spoken: Eighteen principal languages; majority speak Hindi; ... India has the same amount of cultivated land as in the whole of the EU; Cereal  ... http://lcgeography.preswex.ie/uploads/6/9/4/9/6949966/regional_revision.ppt File Type:PPT

Mauritius: African success story? - Harvard Kennedy School

Advantages of ethnic links to India & China (H.K.) ... English, Hindi, & Tamil. ... Geography (small, remote); Volatile monocrop (sugar); Ethnic tensions (at that ... http://www.hks.harvard.edu/fs/jfrankel/MauritiusNBERDec12-09.ppt File Type:PPT

Trademark Law - Nipo.in

I. Explain the nature of Trademark Law. Is trademark protection available to a company name and logo? What is meant by the tort of passing off? A. History of ... http://www.nipo.in/images/Explain%2520the%2520nature%2520of%2520Trademark%2520Law.%2520Is%2520trademark%2520protection%2520available%2520to%2520a%2520company%2520name%2520and%2520logo%2520What%2520is%2520meant%2520by%2520the%2520tort%2520of%2520passing%2520off.doc File Type:DOC