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Pankaj Jalote

1998-2002: Head of the Department, Dept of Computer Science and Engg., IIT Kanpur. ... Recognized as the best selling book in computer science by Narosa on its ..... The portal provides it as a free service to its members worldwide. ... http://www.iiitd.edu.in/~jalote/JaloteCV.pdf File Type:PDF

Software Engineering - School of Computer Science

SQA plan, Software Reliability, Best Software Engineering Practices. Text Book: 1 . An Integrated Approach to Software Engineering- Pankaj Jalote, Narosa ... http://www.scs.dauniv.ac.in/faculty/Software%2520Engineering.pdf File Type:PDF

Software Engineering CS183 L T P Credits 3 0 2 4 The software ...

Pressman, Software Engg, . 3. Pankaj Jalote, Introduction to Software Engineering,. Multimedia Systems. CS189. L T P Credits. 3 0 2. 4. Introduction to ... http://www.mnnit.ac.in/courses/mtech_software_engg.pdf File Type:PDF

Teaching an Introductory Software Engineering Course in a ...

Though software engineering courses are taught within different types of ... Pankaj Jalote is currently Microsoft Chair Professor at Dept of Computer Science and ... author of the highly acclaimed book CMM in Practice (Addison Wesley) which ... http://www.computer.org/csdl/proceedings/cseet/2009/3539/00/3539a007.pdf File Type:PDF

Syllabi M. Tech. Software Engg.pdf - JECRC University

Ian Sommerville; Software Engineering, Addison-Wesley Publishing Company, England. 3. Pankaj Jalote; An integrated Approach to Software Engineering, ... http://jecrcuniversity.edu.in/assets/pdf/Syllabi%2520M.%2520Tech.%2520Software%2520Engg.pdf File Type:PDF

Introduction to Software Engineering Page 1 of 348 INDEX LESSON ...

An integrated approach to Software Engineering by Pankaj Jalote,. Narosha Publishing houre. 3. Software Engineering by Sommerville, Pearson Education. 4 . http://www.ddegjust.ac.in/studymaterial/msc-cs/ms-12.pdf File Type:PDF

CODE SUBJECT T P MCA09.4.1 Software Engineering 4 - MCA09 ...

REFERENCE BOOKS. 3. Software Engineering, A Precise approach, Pankaj Jalote, Wiley. 4. Software Engineering, Kassem A. Saleh, Cengage. 5. Software ... http://gecgudlavalleru.ac.in/file/MCA%2520IV%2520Semester.pdf File Type:PDF

ComponentXchange: A Software Component Marketplace on the ...

V Sriram, Atul Kumar, Deepak Gupta and Pankaj Jalote. Dept. of Computer Science & Engg. ... cate COTS (Commercial-Off-The-Shelf) software compo-. http://wwwconference.org/www10/cdrom/posters/1098.pdf File Type:PDF

Identifying the Importance of Software Reuse in COCOMO81 ... - arXiv

Abstract- Software project management is an interpolation of project planning ... engineering promises a best productivity and time-to-market. A. Single .... The formulae from the various books, web and journals have been ... Pankaj jalote. http://www.enggjournals.com/ijcse/doc/IJCSE09-01-03-06.pdf File Type:PDF

TE - PES College of Engineering

Reference Books: 1.Pankaj Jalote , “Software Engineering “ , Narosa Publishing House. 2.Peters J. Pedrycz W., "Software Engineering: An Engineering ... http://www.pescoe.ac.in/pdf/tecse.pdf File Type:PDF