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Linux I/O port programming mini−HOWTO Author - The Linux ...

You cannot use IRQs or DMA directly from a user−mode process. ... In the 2.0.x series of Linux kernels, there is a new system call, nanosleep() (see the .... The description above concentrates on the C programming language. .... If the device you're talking to supports something resembling RS−232, you should be able to ... http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/pdf/IO-Port-Programming.pdf File Type:PDF

Trasgo: A Nested-Parallel Programming System - GSIC

Abstract Pure nested-parallelism programming models are appealing due to their ease of ... diversity and complexity of modern parallel platforms make very difficult to efficiently develop parallel ... also by the Dutch government STW/PROGRESS project DES.6397. Part of this work .... The first type are classic C functions con- ... http://www.gsic.uva.es/wikis/yannis/images/0/00/Trasgo.pdf File Type:PDF

General constant expressions for system programming languages

It allows a program- mer to specify ... program- ming and generative programming techniques. ... Introduction. Modern high level programming languages typically feature a va- ... gramming, functional programming, generic programming, etc. For system ... stream system programming languages, such as C and C++ do not. http://www.axiomatics.org/~gdr/constants/constexpr-sac10.pdf File Type:PDF

A Real-Time and Distributed System with Programming Language ...

a concurrent, object-oriented, real-time and distributed programming language, CORD-PL, with its supportive run-time system is introduced and its features ... http://web.itu.edu.tr/nerdogan/saridogan-erdogan-PDPTA1999.pdf File Type:PDF

Real-Time Programming Languages - Operating Systems

Jan 8, 2014 ... (ADA and Esterel as Examples). Hermann ... Real-Time Systems, Real-Time Prog. ... Concurrency and Synchronization/Communication. â—‹. http://os.inf.tu-dresden.de/Studium/RTS/WS2013/09-Languages.pdf File Type:PDF

Java Programming Certificate Program

9 Nov 2009 ... The Certificate Program in Java Programming takes ... of interest to managers and QA engineers as well as to ... http://unex.uci.edu/pdfs/brochures/Java_Programming.pdf File Type:PDF

Programming Challenges

Programming challenges : the programming contest training manual .... programming challenge in this book has been given an ID number on both judging ... http://www.acmsolver.org/books/Programming_Challenges_Miguel_Skiena.pdf File Type:PDF

Programming Challenges

Programming challenges : the programming contest training manual ...... The Programming Challenges site uses a web interface for submission (the Submit- ... http://fit.mmu.edu.my/icpc/files/Skiena%20-%20Programming%20Challenges.pdf File Type:PDF

Genetic Programming

"Genetic programming i^an extensión of the^conventional genetic algorithm [...] in which the structures undergoing adaptation are hierarchical computer ... http://laurel.datsi.fi.upm.es/_media/docencia/cursos/heuristic_optimization/4a-genetic-programming.pdf File Type:PDF

Programming Challenges

9. Graph Traversal. Graphs are one of the unifying themes of computer science – an abstract representation which describes the organization of ... http://ce.sharif.ac.ir/courses/85-86/2/ce153c/resources/root/Ch9-programming%20challenges.pdf File Type:PDF