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Wireless Sensor Network Application Programming and Simulation System

Our programming model offers opportunity to application programmers to ...... Rakic, P.: Migracija konkurentne biblioteke COLIBRY sa MS/DOS na GNU/Linux ... http://www.comsis.org/ComSIS/Vol5No1/RegularPapers/pdf/07.pdf File Type:PDF

Constraint Programming for Random Testing of a Trading System

Chapter 3 shows the main principles of constraint programming: how problems can be specified, and how they are typically solved by constraint programming ... http://www.sais.se/mthprize/2010/roberto.pdf File Type:PDF

An Example of an Integrated Programming and Data Analysis System

An Example of an Integrated Programming and Data Analysis System. Eric M ... http://www.sascommunity.org/sugi/SUGI87/Sugi-12-130%20Klusman.pdf File Type:PDF

End User Programming for Scientists: Modeling Complex Systems

Swarm and Repast require the scientist to program in Objective-C and Java, respectively. ... Vote tallies in this game often fluctuate from one extreme to the other; as ... Adventures in Modeling: Exploring Complex, Dynamic Systems with ... http://drops.dagstuhl.de/volltexte/2007/1077/pdf/07081.BegelAndrew.Paper.1077.pdf File Type:PDF

Device Drivers and System-Level Programming in Java

Programming in Java. Chris McKillop. Software Engineer. QNX Software Systems Ltd . cdm@qnx.com. Introduction. In the not-too-distant past, engineers who ... http://killerstuff.net/publications/device_drivers_in_java_paper_from_qnx.pdf File Type:PDF

An Introduction to UNIX Shell Programming and the SAS System

Apr 18, 1995 ... Bourne Shell (sh), the Korn Shell (ksh), the Tcsh ... not exist in the Korn orBoume Shells. ... example, the following shell script renames the file. http://www.lexjansen.com/sugi/sugi21/sa/263-21.pdf File Type:PDF

Red Hat Linux Networkingand System Administration - Nettech

programmer. He has written five books about Linux and Unix programming and system administration, is working on his sixth, and is the technical editor for over. http://www.nettech.in/e-books/Linux-Networking-and-System-Admin.pdf File Type:PDF

Programming Challenges

9. Graph Traversal. Graphs are one of the unifying themes of computer science – an abstract representation which describes the organization of ... http://ce.sharif.ac.ir/courses/85-86/2/ce153c/resources/root/Ch9-programming%20challenges.pdf File Type:PDF

GP-Music: An Interactive Genetic Programming System for Music ...

interactive genetic programming (GP). Extensions to the system allow it to work in a fully .... is already small for user interactive genetic programming, ... http://graphics.stanford.edu/~bjohanso/papers/gp98/johanson98gpmusic.pdf File Type:PDF

A Parameterized Type System for Race-Free Java Programs

A Parameterized Type System for Race-Free Java Programs. Chandrasekhar Boyapati. Martin Rinard. Laboratory for Computer Science. Massachusetts Institute ... http://web.eecs.umich.edu/~bchandra/publications/oopsla01.pdf File Type:PDF