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Islamiyat Compulsory, Islamabad, Allama Iqbl Open University Islamabad. ï‚· M.D Zaffar, Islamic Education (Compulsory), Lahore Aziz Book Depot, Urdu Bazar.S. http://www.pbs.edu.pk/Resources/Subject_Outlines/47201214421762.doc47201214421778.doc File Type:DOC

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TEACHING AND RESEARCH SPECIALIZATIONS. Islam in South Asia, Pre- Modern South Asia, Mughal India, Urdu. BOOKS AND COLLABORATIVE VOLUMES. http://sseas.berkeley.edu/sites/default/files/faculty/cv.doc File Type:DOC

Portrayal Of Muslim image In Indian Cinema

It possesses original source material in Arabic, Persian and Urdu, besides a large ... Some significant books of Islamic Law were selected in this regard; some of ... http://www.bzu.edu.pk/PJIR/eng%25205%2520Ata%2520ur%2520Rahman.doc File Type:DOC


Reference Books : 1. Yusuf Husain Khan : Urdu Ghazal. 2. Ibadat Barailavi : Ghazal Aur Mutala-e-Ghazal. 3. Rasheed Ahmad Siddiqi : Jadeed Ghazal. 4. http://bhu.ac.in/syllabus/MAUrdu.doc File Type:DOC

Concept of Education in Islam - Understand Quran

Difference between a Muslim and a non-Muslim and/or Kafir is in two areas: ... the verses; Do Tazkiah: Purify their lives (from negatives) and enhance good qualities; Teach them the Book; Teach them the Hikmak ... Akbar Ilahabadi said ( Urdu). http://understandquran.com/fileadmin/user_upload/extras/11Why_understand_Qur_an/1ppt/7Concept_of_Education_in_Islam.ppt File Type:PPT

Education and Religious Discrimination in Pakistan

Integrated textbooks for grades 1-3 combine lessons on Urdu, Social Studies and Islamic Studies into one book – taught to all including non Muslim students. http://safedafed.org/seminar/document/presentations/day2/session7/arif_Education_and_Religious_Discrimination_in_Pakistan.ppt File Type:PPT

Dr. Sajid Jamal and Dr. Abdul Raheem - Delhi

EDUCATIONAL INCLUSION OF MUSLIM CHILDREN: EXPLORING THE CHALLENGES AND ... Maulana Azad National Urdu University, ... Non availability of good books develop negative interest in teaching learning and consequently ... http://delhi.gov.in/wps/wcm/connect/6f110d004a9d9c109e1ade2787c22478/8.Dr.%2BSajid%2BJamal%2B%2Band%2BDr.%2BAbdul%2BRaheem.ppt%3FMOD%3DAJPERES%26lmod%3D-1244253764 File Type:PPT

Islam in India and China

1236-40); Islam introduced to Kashmir in 1313 with Shah Mir of Swat ... inspired scriptures and Hindus to be People of the Book / idolatry as means of ... Draws on musical traditions of India, Persian and Arabic music; Songs in Urdu, Persian ... http://faculty.washington.edu/brownj9/Islamic%2520Civ%2520-%2520Islam%2520in%2520India%2520and%2520SE%2520Asia%2520POST.ppt File Type:PPT

Child Rights and Child Development in Rural Areas.

Education of children belonging to minority Muslim community. Support of madrasa and maktabs; Provision of Urdu text books; Free text books to all Muslim girls ... http://apard.gov.in/crcdra.ppt File Type:PPT


... of meetings, engagement of Project Coordinators, Printing of Prospectus & Books etc. ... Development of Urdu post-literacy course for Open Basic Education ... Masjid to popularise the NIOS programme among Muslim community (2006). http://pib.nic.in/archieve/others/2008/jan/Minority%2520Secy_11_01_2008.ppt File Type:PPT